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Flight # 49
Aircraft PH-1309   SZD-51 Junior   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Mon 9th Jun 2014
Start Time 13:31
Notes "Hey!? Am I starting too steep? No...can't be..I'm not pulling the stick and the trim is set right so this can be too steep." An instructor approached me after landing commenting that my start was too steep...
Need to learn to trust my instinct! Juniors can start steep on their own when flying fast.
Practised some more slips, more aggressive this time, sink rate dramatically improved. Managed to fly a nice straight line while in the slip as well (followed a road).
Launch Salland   Winch   1200 feet AGL
Landing Salland    


Duration Total 0h 17m   =   0.28 hours   =   17 minutes