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Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 56
Aircraft PH-1309   SZD-51 Junior   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sun 29th Jun 2014
Start Time 12:29
Notes Into rain of winch. Saw a pair of ASK-21s to my lift skimming the rain shower and joined them. Found 1,5m/s lift all along the upwind edge of the shower. Really flying close to the cloud, in and out of the rain. Eventually the rain shower moved too far from the field so I had to turn back. Another shower was still over the field so I was back into the rain on downwind. Flew a bit faster than normal (rain decreases performance ans increases stall speed) and landed in the rain. Nice flight!
Launch Salland   Winch   1200 feet AGL
Landing Salland    


Duration Total 0h 18m   =   0.3 hours   =   18 minutes