Flights » Flight #58

Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 58
Aircraft PH-1309   SZD-51 Junior   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sun 29th Jun 2014
Start Time 15:32
Notes Found some weak lift and flew that for a couple of minutes but was drifting too far from the field. When I got back to a more comfortable distance to the field the lift was gone so I had to land. Good landing although I probably should be a bit more gentle on the flare. Don't pull back on the stick so abruptly.
Launch Salland   Winch   1200 feet AGL
Landing Salland    


Duration Total 0h 15m   =   0.25 hours   =   15 minutes
Instruction Received0h 28m   =   0.47 hours   =   28 minutes