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Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 9
Aircraft PH-1474   ASK-21   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sun 4th May 2014
Notes Weak termals, entered one and played around a bit. Gert had me fly away from the field and let the decision when to turn back for a landing up to me. Turned around after some straight and level flying and arrived on downwind only 40mtr to high. Flown circuit, landed with Gert on the spoilers. Need to remember to keep flying the plane after touchdown (again!).
Launch Salland   Winch   1200 feet AGL
Landing Salland    


Duration Total 0h 12m   =   0.2 hours   =   12 minutes
Instruction Received0h 12m   =   0.2 hours   =   12 minutes