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Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 8
Aircraft PH-865   ASK-21   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sat 3rd May 2014
Start Time 13:07
Flight File 453dr031.igc 205KB
Notes Sallandse Overland Dag. My first ever cross country flight. Cloudbase @ 1500mtr AGL. Thermeled with buzzards, how nice is that! Sven picked the route, I tried to point the nose where he wanted to go. Managed to get it right most of the time ;-)
After 2,5 hours I was cold, thirsty, hungry and feeling sick but loving every second of it!
Flight on OLC:
Launch Salland   Winch   1200 feet AGL
Landing Salland    
Distance 193km


Duration Total 3h 10m   =   3.17 hours   =   190 minutes
Instruction Received2h 0m   =   2 hours   =   120 minutes